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Family Photo Album

It's time to save your precious memories by Digitising your old photo prints. 

It's something we can all relate to, shoe boxes full of photos stuffed in the back of cupboards and photo albums sitting on shelves , photos rarely looked at and even more rarely shared with family and friends.

Old prints can fade, be destroyed or simply lost, scanning to digital can protect your memories for this generation and those to come.

Retro Image Scan can scan your old photos , archive the digital images on our secure password protected Cloud service, from there  you can choose to download a copy or share  the online galleries with family and friends.

Retro Image Scan can provide:
Scans uploaded to an USB.
Scans sorted in to individual galleries.
Online archive of scans.
Pick up and return service for precious photographs.
Photograph enhancement to improve quality.

Browse the site and check out the SCAN FACTS and PRICE LIST and when you are ready contact us and let us know how we can help you preserve your memories digitally.

Retro Image Scan
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Scan Facts 

scan facts
  • Why should I scan my Prints?
    Scanning old prints is important because old prints can fade, be lost or destroyed, scanning is non-destructive and allows for storage on Media devices(USB) or in the cloud. Electronic devises are how we view images these days so it makes sense to preserve our memories for this technology .
  • How do I get my original prints to you?
    We understand sending your precious photos through the post can be unsettling and for that reason we recommend using Aust Posts Express Post service as this service is tracked for added security, sending by Registered mail requiring a signature is even more secure. Retro Image scan can supply a pick up & return service, costs will be dependant on your location and the size of the order . (approx.$25.oo) Adelaide metro only Contact us for a quote.
  • What is the best way to pack my photos ?
    The main thing to consider when packing your prints is to keep them flat and use a small box with some padding around the prints. If your photos are sorted a good idea is to use labeled zip lock bags.
  • What size can you scan?
    We can scan prints up to A4 size. Prints that are damaged/torn can also be scanned, see price list for full details.
  • Can you do photo albums?
    Yes we can, removing prints for scanning does cost extra , see the price list for all the information.
  • Some of my photos have faded can you help with this?
    As part of our standard service all photos are individually view and if necessary basic enhancements are applied to improve colour and brightness. Photos are scanned at 300dpi which is fine for on screen viewing and reprinting to the same size as the original, to go beyond this will require custom scanning and processing which we are happy to discuss with you.
  • I have lots of images, can they be put into seperate electronic albums.
    Yes, if your prints are provided to us sorted and labeled they can be saved to individual folders.
  • Do you backup the digital images?
    To help you get the most out of scanning your prints we make 3 backups of your files. 1) images saved on our own system . 2) Images are cloud saved onto 2 secure commercial sites. These backups are part of our service, FREE for 6 months to allow you to download and share with family.
  • How long does it take to get my prints scanned?
    Retro Image Scan aims for a turn around time of 5 working days, larger jobs may take longer.
  • What happens to my images after scanning?
    After scanning , your digital images will be securely stored online and if required your original prints returned to you. A USB copy of your images is also available.

Price List

Price List


Economy Scanning is suitable for most standard size photos from 3"x 3" up to 8"x 10" and is most suitable for large numbers of photos. All scans are still individually viewed and if required colour and brightness is adjusted.

  • From 1 up to 150 photos scanned and enhanced and archived  - $60 + p&h

  • 150 up to 450 photos 35c each

  • 450+ photos -- contact for quote

  • Digital files stored in password protected online galleries for 6 mths - FREE

  • Digital files on USB $10

  • Sorted photos saved to seperate Albums.   - $12

  • Photos Albums - Photos removed from album  - $25, Remove and replace photos  - $35​


For photos not suitable for Economy Scanning are custom scanned on professional Flatbed Scanners.

  • Individually scanned - colour and brightness enhanced

  • $2.10 per scan

  • Suitable for delicate, torn,damaged,card or glass mounted prints

  • Digital files stored in password protected online galleries for 6 mths - FREE

  • Digital files on USB $10

  • Sorted photos saved to seperate Albums.   - $12

  • Photos Albums - Photos removed from album  - $25, Remove and replace photos  - $35​

Online Archive
Online Archive:

After receiving your prints they are dusted to remove any dust or foreign material , they are then scanned .

After scanning the digitised images are individually viewed and if required enhanced (colour and brightness).

The images are archived on our in-house server as well as on 2 independent online archiving services. You can choose not to have your images archived and the digitised images returned to you via a USB.

There are several good reason to make to advantage of our archiving service.​

  • Online archive is password protected, you are free to share this with anyone you choose.

  • First 6 months are FREE, allowing time to view your images, download any or all of them.

  • Photos sent to us sorted into categories and will be archived into albums for easier viewing.

  • After the 6 months FREE archive has expired, your images will be deleted from the online servers but you have the choice of keeping them archived for a small fee. Up to 500 images $50 per year, more than 500 images via quote.

  • You can create a family archive so that anyone you approve can add more photos to your archive either through our scanning service or direct with digital files.


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